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enitdedaesCall Us: Belgium +4 (037) 378-0675 , USA +1 (972) 698-4035

"Creemos que es un derecho humano fundamental para todo adulto

poder planear para el final de sus vidas de una manera confiable, pacífica y en el momento que elijan "

The Best Exit Solution (TBES) guides you on the best steps to end life peacefully with dignity

After years of research and study, the Doctors of Best Exit solution finally came up with such solution

Best Exit Solution was founded in 1997 by Dr Philip Nitschke after the over-turning of the world’s first Voluntary Euthanasia law – the Rights of the Terminally Ill (ROTI) Act.

TBES sets itself apart from other aid-in-dying organisations in that we take a civil rights..

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1. Individual rights

TBES supports an individual of sound mind’s right to:
  1.  choose & implement a peaceful death at a time of their choosing
  2.  accept or reject any doctor’s involvement in an end-of-life action
  3.  accept or reject palliative care
  4.  request & be granted assistance with suicide if necessary.
TBES rejects the notion that some organizations’ moral values, including those of many religions, must be accepted & apply to all other people.

2. Information Provision

TBES provides information on end of life options to its members.

3. Individual Empowerment

Exit supports individuals’ right to procure drugs & equipment for their end-of-life purposes. Exit does not provide individuals with illegal drugs or equipment.

Best Exit Solution provides membership on an annual or lifetime subscription basis for people over 50 or who are suffering from serious illness. Other membership is provided at the discretion of the Exit International Director. Membership shows members’ commitment and support for voluntary euthanasia.

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